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October 8, 2019
There's a new update on the main Mass Effect Saves page!

* PC Users: After you download, visit the Mass Effect 2 Import Walkthrough to know how to import your save into Mass Effect 3! As long as your directory structure is correct as outlined in the walkthrough, ME3 should find your save just fine! If you do not have Mass Effect 2 installed, just create the folder structure yourself exactly as shown in the walkthrough.
* Playstation users, I'm sorry but so far I haven't found a solution for save game exporting and importing. Xbox save conversion / importing/exporting is currently not possible as far as I know. See the Xbox page for more information. If anyone knows how to make either of these things work, please contact me and let me know. Thanks!
* I'm getting a LOT of people submitting saves with the text box field blank or just the text box questions copied and pasted. These submissions are DELETED without notification. Please do not upload if you don't have the time to fill out the text box field correctly!
* And now a special announcement for our Russian friends:
Для отправки сохранённой игры следует обязательно заполнить большое белое поле ввода ("Text Box"). Язык заполнения - исключительно английский, так как данный сайт англоязычный. Без требуемого описания полученная игра будет, к сожалению, удалена. Правила заполнения описаны на странице:

Я ежедневно проверяю полученные игры и одобряю те, у которых есть необходимое описание. Если описания нет, мне приходится такие игры удалять. Это занимает несколько часов времени. Пожалуйста, не присылайте раз за разом один и тот же файл.

Спасибо, что зашли.

Thank you Yuri for your help with this!

Important info if you are here to DOWNLOAD a Shepard:
* Please note that when you pick a Gender and Alignment selection above, you will then need to pick a romance option to see the available saves. The romance names will populate on the same bar as the gender / alignment above. If you don't see an option for the romance you want, that means no one has uploaded a save for the combination yet. Consider using Gibbed's savegame editor to make the save you want.
* When searching for a Shepard, if under "DLC" you see "Unknown", this means it's an OLDER save and will have, at most, the Cerberus Network and maybe Kasumi finished. You will need to do all remaining DLC yourself. Newer saves will have specific DLCs listed. You will PROBABLY want to load up the save in ME2 yourself first and make sure that everything is done as it says it is, and possibly complete anything that isn't done BEFORE starting ME3.
* The import page will tell you how to get your new ME2 save to show up in ME2 for a NG+ or to just finish up any quests or DLC that save doesn't have completed.

Important info if you are here to submit a Shepard:
* When submitting a Shepard, filling out the text box field correctly is, as always, mandatory or else your Shepard won't be used. So please read the submission page in full and open the form page in a new window so you can fill the text box out correctly! Submissions with empty text boxes will be deleted. Submissions with copy/pasted text boxes but the information actually filled out will... be given a weary sigh as I go and correct them. ;)
* If you are submitting an updated version of a save you already submitted to the site, it'd be easiest for both of us if you find the old version of your save on the site, then submit an entirelly new save with the updated file. Copy/paste your old data from the previous submission, add in the answers to the new questions about DLC, then at the end of the text box field link to your old save and put a note saying this is an updated version of the old save. I'll delete the old version and edit out your notes about it at the bottom. Thanks!
* Please note that only, and are a part of the masseffectsaves network. If you have any questions about what is and isn't a part of our sites, or find content stolen, please let us know. Thanks!

BEFORE YOU CONTACT US, make sure your question is not already answered on this page you're currently reading, the import walkthrough, the submission page, the Xbox 360 Page, the FAQ or anywhere else on the site. I am no longer answering email where the answers can be found on any of these resources. Thank you!

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