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Name Erin Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-09 21:53:24
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Engineer
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Miranda
DLCs Kasumi
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Used an "Erin Shepard" face code from

To borrow a phrase from TV Tropes, this is a "boomerang bigot" Shepard, one who hates her own race, i.e. humans. Mostly Paragon when it comes to aliens, but Renegade towards fellow humans (hence her placement in the Mixed section) and doesn't typically do sidequests that would benefit them and takes opportunities to get humans killed. If Mass Effect 3 has an ending where you can save all the alien races but not the humans, this Shepard would be a good one for it. For the same reason, Erin Shepard is anti-Cerberus just because Cerberus is pro-human. So use this Shepard to go on an anti-Cerberus warpath in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 1 stuff:
- Romanced Liara in Mass Effect 1, remained faithful to her in 2.
- Kaidan is still alive on Horizon; Ashley was sacrificed on Virmire.
- Wrex is alive.
- Original Alien Council; sacrificed human Alliance ships to protect the Destiny Ascension.
- Udina is on the Council.
- Screwed up UNC Hostage mission; Chairman Burns was killed.
- Did both Cerberus quests.
- Accepted Chorban's keeper quest, scanned all 21 keepers.
- Fist was killed.
- Got Conrad Verner killed.
- Killed the Cerberus scientist myself using Intimidate (instead of letting Toombs do it or instead of letting the Cerberus scientist go free) in UNC Dead Scientists mission.
- Blackmailer persuaded.
- Spared Shiala's life, but killed all the Feros colonists.
- Encouraged Garrus to be more Paragon, so at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 he left C-Sec instead of leaving Spectre training.
- Punched Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani.
- Killed Helena Blake.
- Killed Nassana's sister.
- Betrayed Gianna Parasini and got both her and Anoleis killed.
- Rachni Queen spared.
- Talked to Han Olar.
- Spoke to Mom on Spacer-exclusive sidequest. (Hey, even a human-hating Shepard is unlikely to hate her own mother Hannah Shepard.)
- Gave Tali copy of geth data.
- Captain Kirrahe survived.
- Spared Rana Thanoptis.

Mass Effect 2 stuff:
- Completed both of Liara's quests, completed Lair of the Shadow Broker to rekindle Liara romance.
- Conrad Verner wasn't on Illium because I goaded him into getting himself killed in Mass Effect 1.
- Rachni spokesperson present on Illium since rachni are alive.
- Did some N7 missions but not all, usually didn't do the N7 missions that would help humans.
- In N7 Lost Operative, kept data for myself.
- Chose "Shotgun Training" as my bonus training aboard Collector Ship.
- Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Got all team members including Zaeed and Kasumi, although every human character died on suicide mission and every alien character survived.
- Destroyed Kasumi's greybox.
- Killed Samara, kept Morinth, so it should be Morinth in the survivors' list instead of Samara.
- Persuaded Garrus to let Sidonis go (let Garrus shoot Harkin though).
- Kal'Reegar survived.
- Tali not exiled because Erin Shepard gave Paragon Charm speech listing Tali's virtues and how valuable she is as a quarian.
- Encouraged quarians to pursue cease-fire with geth, not war.
- Unfortunately my memory's fuzzy about Mordin's loyalty mission, but I think I convinced Mordin to spare both Maelon and the genophage cure data.
- Indoctrinated heretic geth.
- Let hostages die so Zaeed could kill Vido.
- Did only enough Project Firewalker missions to confirm the ultimate fates of Dr. Cayce and Dr. O'Loy, did not complete every Firewalker mission which is why Project Firewalker is not listed as completed DLC.
- Rescued David from Project Overlord and sent him to Grissom Academy just to screw pro-human Cerberus over.
- Did not play Normandy Crash Site.
- Did not play Arrival.
- All surviving squad members are loyal.

- Did not manage to rescue ANY of the Cerberus crew because Erin took too long to go after them, Kelly and Gardner and the engineers etc. are all dead; also did not send escort back with Dr. Chakwas so Dr. Chakwas was killed trying to go back to the Normandy. That means all human squad members and crew members are dead with the exception of Joker.

Name Jade Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-25 10:04:40
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Infiltrator
Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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-I created this FemShep from scratch, as an experiment with the modified Gibbed's save editor, and I gave her a headmorph from another Shepard I have.

- I also gave her a story in ME1.
N. B.: I gave her many credits and resources, because this thing about digging minerals is a pain in the ass and because I wanted to buy and apply every power-up; this was my n-th playthrough and I wanted to cut short many wastes of time.

Major ME1 stuff:
- Romanced Liara;
- Ashley is alive;
- Wrex is alive;
- The Council was destroyed;
- I put Anderson in the new Council, to have Spectre status reinstated;

Quests in ME2:
- I helped Liara with both her quests, BEFORE playing LotSB;
- I helped Conrad making a fool of himself; when I created this Shepard, I corrected the bug (charming & intimidating CConrad), so I got slapped by the asari at Eternity, but all the rest went as normal, unlike they said on the wiki.
- The Rachni queen is alive, and I spoke with her asari messenger;
- I completed all N7 missions;
- In particular, in the Lost Operative quest, I sent data to the Alliance;

The squad:
- Got all of them;
- Kasumi kept the graybox;
- Killed Morinth;
- Let Garrus kill Sidonis;
- Kal'Reegar survived, and Tali was discharged; I encouraged the quarian to aim at peace;
- Mordin saved the genophage cure;
- The heretic geth were reprogrammed;
- Saved the hostages on Zorya and punched Zaeed in the face;

Big DLC's:
- Overlord: David was transferred to Grissom Academy;
- Arrival: I tried to warn the batarian;

Suicide mission:
No one died; all members of the squad are loyal.

This FemShep is ready to fight the Reapers in ME3; I don't know whatever else will matter in the new game (for example: that arrogant reporter Shepard met in ME and ME2 will be there? Will she be upset if Shepard, as in this case, punched her both times? Will she try to give Shepard a bad name?)

This save was uploaded by Ivo

Name Jill Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-26 08:57:32
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Colonist / Sole Survivor
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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--==ME1 Info==--
Used B1G R3D's Paragon Alignment Jill Shepard who Saved the Council/Romanced Liara which was a 100% playthrough. See ME1 Saves for more info.

--==ME2 Info==--
- 100% Play-through, Mixed Alignment, More Paragon choices then Renegade, Paragon Bar Maxed.
- All DLC used, including weapons/armor, Genesis.
- Normandy Fully Upgraded
- Galaxy Full Explored, all N7 missions completed, all side quests completed, (Packages for Ish bugged out when I convinced him to stop with a Paragon charm, Mission incomplete)
- All Weapons/Armor/Tech/Biotic Upgraded. All Armor bought.
- All Captain's Cabin items bought/collected (Ships, hamster, fish)

Stayed Loyal to Liara, did not Romance any ME2 Companions.
Had Affair with Kelly.

- Did all Liara's Quests before doing Lair of the Shadow Broker
- Played along with Conrad but used Paragon option to convince him to go home after arresting the 'officer' for trying to steal the bar's deed.
- Sent data to the Alliance in N7: Lost Operative

--==Squad Loyalty/Recruitment==--
- Kasumi: Convinced her to keep the grey box.
- Samara: Killed Elnora, Pushed over the 'Biotic God' Niftu Cal to save his life, Revealed Pitne For as a Smuggler, Killed Morinth
- Garrus: Let Sidonis Go
- Tali: Kal'Reegar Survived, Tali was exonerated with Paragon Charm, kept research secret, encouraged Quarians to seek peace.
- Mordin: Kept Cure data, stopped him from shooting his former student.
- Legion: Indoctrinated Heretics
- Zaeed: Saved Hostages, Encouraged Paragon.
- Miranda: Stopped her from shooting her friend, Encouraged her to talk with her Sister.
- Jacob: Father Arrested, Paragon Option used.
- Thane: Saved son, Shepard shot hostage (Renegade Option)
- Grunt: Let him decide to join Clan Urdnot and kill Uvenk.
- Jack: Stopped her from shooting Aresh with Paragon Charm

--==Squad In-Fighting==--
- Broke up Miranda/Jack fight with Paragon Charm
- Stopped Tali from Shooting Legion with Paragon Charm

--==DLC Missions==--
- Overlord: David is at the Grissom Academy
- Arrival: Tried to Warn Batarian Colony
- Normandy Crash Site: All Dog Tags recovered, found Shepard's helmet

--==Suicide Mission==--
- Wasn't Suicidal. Completed all missions/side-quests/exploration before doing Reaper IFF mission, Did Legion Loyalty mission before Collector attack, Immediately went through Omega 4 relay.

- All Squad Members survived.
- All Crew Survived.

!!!--==Used Clothing Hack for Alliance Uniform==--!!!

Name Kalera Shepard
Date Added 2014-09-28 00:42:17
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Major ME1 Stuff:
- Is Kaidan or Ashley still alive? Ashley
- Is Wrex alive? Yes
- Is the Council the original Council from ME1 or the Human-council? Original
- Is Anderson or Udina on the Council? Anderson

Quests: If you didn't do some of these quests, please note that they were not completed.

- Did you complete both of Liara's quests in Illum pre-Shadow Broker?


- Did you help Conrad Verner so he opened the Shelter, or were mean to him so he died? (If he was there at all.)

I helped him.

- Was the Rachini Queen's Asarai spokeswoman present on Illium (ie are the Rachini still alive)?


- Did you do some, all or none of the N7 missions? Almost all.

Did not do Firewalker mission nor Normandy Crash Site.

- In the N7: Lost Operative Quest did you keep the data, send it to the alliance or give it to The Illusive Man?

Sent it to the Aliance

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Did you recruit & keep all team members (Including Zaeed and Kasumi)? If not, who was never recruited, or left early?

Recruited all of them

- (Kasumi Loyalty) Did you tell Kasumi to keep the greybox data or was it destroyed?

She kept it.

- (Samara Loyalty) Did you kill Morinth or Samara?

Killed Morinth

- (Garrus Loyalty) Did Garrus kill Sidonus or let him go?

Killed Sidonis

- (Tali Recruitment) Did Kal'Reegar survive?


- (Tali Loyalty) was Tali exiled from the Floatilla?


- (Tali Loyalty) Did you encourage the Quarians to continue the war with the geth or consider cease fire?


- (Mordin Loyalty) What did you do with the Genophage Cure?

Saved it

- (Legion Loyalty) Did you kill or indoctrinate the heretic Geth?

Killed the Geth

- (Zaeed Loyalty) Did you save the hostages & encourage Zaeed to be more Paragon or let them die?

Let them die.

- (Overlord) Did you release David or keep him hooked up?

Released David

- (Arrival) Did you attempt to warn the Batarians?


Omega 4 Relay:
- Did you NOT do someone's loyalty quest, yet they survived? If so, who?

All loyalty quests completed

- Did all, some or none of your kidnapped Crew (Kelly, Gabby, Donnley etc.) survive the Omega 4 Relay? Please sum up who, if anyone lived/died.

All survived.

Here's a screenshot of what the import will look like going into Mass Effect 3:

Name Jane Shepard
Date Added 2015-03-15 15:06:56
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Spacer / Sole Survivor
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
Major ME1 Stuff:
- Romanced Dr. Liara T'Soni and stayed loyal in ME2
- Ashley is alive
- Wrex is alive
- I saved the old council and Anderson is the head
- Released Rachni queen
- Fist, captain Kirrahe and Shiala are alive
- Saved Zhu Hope
- Saved Feros, colonists and Jeong are alive
- Parasini is loyal
- Collected all Asari Matriarch Writings
- Scanned all the Keepers
- Full Paragon and Renegade points

- Completed both of Liara's quests
- Helped Conrad in paragon way
- Rachni Queen's Asari was present on Illium
- All N7 missions are complete
- Kept the data for myself in N7: Lost Operative Quest

Recruitment/Loyalty Missions/DLC:
- Got all team members
- Told Kasumi to keep the greybox data
- Killed Morinth, kept Samara
- Garrus let Sidonus go
- Kal'Reegar survived
- Tali was not exiled and I charmed the jury
- Did not approve of Quarians to continue war with Geth
- Mordin let Maelon go and kept the Genophage Cure data
- Indoctrinated the heretic Geth
- Saved the hostages and encourage Zaeed to be more Paragon
- Released David and sent him to Grissom Academy
- Arrival: Attempted to warn the Batarians
- Jacob didn't kill his father
- Completed EVERY side mission there is

Omega 4 Relay:
- Did everybody's loyalty mission and EVERYBODY SURVIVED
- Saved ALL members of the crew from the Collector abduction
- Full Paragon and Renegade points
- Bought ALL fish, armor, upgrades, models...
- Female Jane Shepard has a DEAFULT face

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