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Name Shelley Shepard
Date Added 2010-03-11 00:28:31
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
DLCs (Unknown)
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First and foremost, I would like to say that this was one of my quickest playthroughs. I played this on Normal difficulty and it was pretty easy. After doing every single quest and obtaining every single upgrade (store-bought and scavenging), I clocked in about 17 hours, 30 minutes. Also, this was an ME1 import + NG+. Now, on to the important stuff.

Major ME1-related stuff:
- In this particular playthrough, I did not pursue a relationship with any of the main characters (i.e. Garrus or Jacob) as I wanted to try the "mini-romance" with Kelly.
- Since I had saved Kaidan from ME1, he was present on Horizon.
- Urdnot Wrex was alive and well as the new clan leader for the Krogans.
- Regrettably, the Council remained the same as in ME1 as I elected to save them.
- I appointed David Anderson as the Council representative for the humans.

- I've completed both of Liara's quests.
- Although I shot Conrad Verner in the foot, I played along so that I could get a discount at the Weapons Merchant in Illium.
- I let the Rachni live in ME1, thus, the Asari messenger was present in Illium.
- I did all of the possible N7 missions (including Normandy Crash Site).

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions:
- I got all 12 party members
- (Samara Loyalty) I killed Morinth.
- (Garrus Loyalty) I let Garrus take the shot at Sidonis.
- (Tali Recruitment) Kal'Reegar survived and went on a "mini-rant" praising Tali's accomplishments.
- (Tali Loyalty) Tali was not exiled from the Flotilla (despite having a slight name change).
- (Tali Loyalty) Since I did not give the Quarians the evidence of Rael'Zorah's research, I do not remember having to make this choice.
- (Mordin Loyalty) I let Mordin have a copy of the data and then destroy the data from the computers (to ensure the data does not fall into the wrong hands).
- (Legion Loyalty) I decided to wipe out all the Geth.
- (Zaeed Loyalty) I saved the hostages and encouraged Zaeed to be more Paragon (I still do not know how to get the dialogue option to let him die in the flames).

Omega 4 Relay:
- I did everybody's loyalty quests to ensure 100% chance of survival.
- All party members and Normandy crew members survived the ordeal.

Other comments:
- Tech Specialist: Legion
- Fire Team Leader: Miranda
- First group: Garrus + Grunt
- Biotic Field Specialist: Samara
- Distraction Team Leader: Miranda
- Escort Duty: Mordin
- Final Battle: Miranda + Tali

Name Kate Shepard
Date Added 2010-03-31 04:24:02
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Vanguard
Background Spacer / Sole Survivor
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties None
DLCs (Unknown)
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Used someone else's save from (Kate Shepard, level 60 infiltrator, if I recall correctly) for import from ME1 (I already finished the xbox360 ME1 and didn't want to spend so much time to re-do it for the pc).

Paragon/Renegade Note:
-Made all paragon choices until I realized I had maxed out the paragon points, then started to do (some) renegade choices to up the renegade points. However because I really tried to be a nice gal in the game I still did quite a few paragon choices all the way up till the end of the game.

Major ME1 Stuff:
-Because I'm trying to romance Kelly, Liara's picture is still face-up.
-Ashley is alive.
-Wrex is alive.
-Council is the original Council from ME1.
-Anderson is the councilor.

-Completed both of Liara's quests.
-Help Conrad Verner so he opened the Shelter, or were mean to him so he died?
-Saved the Rchini queen in ME1, hence spoke with the Asari woman on Illium.
-Did all of the N7 missions.

Recruitment/Loyalty Missions:
-Have all squad members from the game and one from the DLC (Zaeed). Do not have Kasumi Goto yet because that DLC hasn't been released at the time of my savegame.
-Samara was saved (Morinth killed).
-Convinced Garrus to spare Sidonus.
-Kal'Reegar survived.
-Tali was NOT exiled from the Floatilla.
-Encouraged the Quarians to cease hostilities with the Geth.
-Allowed Legion to re-write the heretic Geth with the virus.
-Let the hostages die in the loyalty mission with Zaeed, so that Zaeed killed Vido.

Omega 4 Relay:
-Did all loyalty quests (for original game casts and for one additional Zaeed. NOT for Kasumi Goto yet.
-All crew members seem to have survived.

Additional Info:
-Shepard's face was reset to the standard female Shepard look (short red-hair, etc).

Name Kerrigan Shepard
Date Added 2010-08-21 07:33:58
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Infiltrator
Background Earthborn / War Hero
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties None
DLCs (Unknown)
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Additional Info :
100% completed (I think)
All Galaxies explored

Note : Kelly was romanced but she can't be called up into the captain's quarters for some reason. Maybe I did somewhere wrong but oh well xD

This save has been edited to have ME1 decisions carried over to ME2 without me playing ME1 at all.

The decisions are as follows. (Important ones that is)
Romanced No one in ME1
Ashley is alive
Wrex is alive
Saved Council
Anderson is on the council
Humans on Terra Nova Rescued
Asari consort quest completed, recieved and used trinket on Eletania
Conard Verner - Charmed then Intimidate him

All Team Members are recruited
No one died after the suicide mission (Not edited, all crew was loyal before the suicide mission)
All crew were recovered from the suicide mission.
Told Kasumi to keep the greybox
Killed Monrith (I didn't get Dominate, as I forgot to save and reload)
Garrus - I let Sidonis go
Tali - Kal Reegar survived
Tali - She didn't get exiled
Tali - Kinda forgotten whether i ask them to make peace or war.
Mordin - Keep the Genophage cure
Legion - Indocrinate the geth
Zaeed - Saved the Hostages

Name Marika Shepard
Date Added 2010-08-28 10:30:55
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Sentinel
Background Colonist / Sole Survivor
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties None
DLCs (Unknown)
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(At least I think I gave the Collectors' base to the Illusive Man. I'm not completely sure, however.)
Note: I hacked resources and credits with Gibbed save editor, and I maxed out Paragon and Renegade bars.

- No romance cheated on; all went good with Liara;
- Ashley is still alive;
- Wrex is alive on Tuchanka;
- The Council was saved;
- Udina is in the Council;

- Completed all two Liara's quests;
- Helped Conrad Werner (I was mean to the Asari at the weapon shop);
- Talked with the Rachni queen's messenger on Illium;
- Completed all N7 missions (as far as I remember);

- Got all team members, included Zaeed and Kasumi;
- Kasumi is alive;
- I told Kasumi to keep Keiji's graybox;
- Samara killed Morinth;
- Garrus killed Sidonis;
- Kal'Reegar survived (but I'm not completely sure; I don't remember);
- Tali was discharged and NOT exiled;
- Told the Quarians to make it up with the Geth;
- Told Mordin to keep the genophage cure;
- Reprogrammed Heretic Geth;
- Saved the workers on Zorya (and punched Zaeed in the face);

- All team members are loyal; all of them survived the suicide mission;
- The whole crew survived.

This save was uploaded by Ivo

Name Jenna Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-20 03:15:34
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
Major ME1 Decisions:
- Didn't romance either Liara or Kaidan as I wanted to hook up with Kelly in ME2.
- Rescued Ashley so she was present on Horizon.
- Wrex convinced to help destroy Sarens base.
- Council alive and still complaining!
- Anderson elected to join the council.

- Did not complete any of the two quests given by Liara as I initiated the Shadow Broker DLC when I first met her.
- Helped Conrad Verner and chose the paragon decision to lie to him about the "undercover cop".
- Rachni still alive and I did speak to the Asari on Illium to recieve the message.
- Galaxy 100% explored so should have completed all of the N7 missions. Gave the data to Anderson/Alliance in the Lost Operative quest.

Recruitment/Loyalty Missions:
- All team members recruited including the DLC characters.
- (Kasumi Loyalty) Told her she could keep the greybox.
- (Samara Loyalty) Morinth is dead!
- (Garrus Loyalty) Sidonus Alive, did not allow him to shoot Harkin.
- (Tali Recruitment) Kal'Reegar survived.
- (Tali Loyalty) Tali was not exiled from the flotilla. Used the paragon decision to convince them so I did not pass on the evidence to admiral board.
- (Tali Loyalty) Told the Quarians to not go to war against the Geth.
- (Mordin Loyalty) Genophage cure saved and Maelon spared.
- (Legion Loyalty) Rewrote the Geth.
- (Zaeed Loyalty) Saved the hostages and convinced Zaeed to stay on course and work together!
- (Miranda Loyalty) Stopped her from shooting Niket.
- (Overlord) Had David released and moved to the Grissom Academy.
- (Arrival) Tried to warn the Batarians.

Omega-4 Relay:
- All loyalty missions done before entering the relay thus all survived the encounter.
- None of the crewmembers died.

Name Alex Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-05 12:07:14
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
This is a completionist (from ME1) NG+ playthrough. All N7 mission, all assignments, all upgrades, all captains cabinet items obtained and DLC are completed.

Played through on Insanity from start to finish, if that matters in ME3.

All major decisions are pargon but I did use renegade interrupts and if I could not get any paragon points but some renegade points without changing major plot I took the renegade points.


Major ME1 Stuff:
- Romance: None.
- Ashley is alive.
- Wrex us alive.
- Council is alive.
- Anderson is on the council.
- Full paragon.
- Rachni Queen is alive.
- Treated Conrad nicely.
- UNC: Asari Diplomacy done.
- Asari from the Thorian is alive.
- Parasini arrested Anolias.
- Helena blake alive and well.
- Fist is alive.
- Nahitas body returned.
- Rich: Yes.

Mass Effect 2:

- All upgrades obtained. Including DLC upgrades.
- All N7 missions completed.
- N7: lost operative: Handed data to alliance.
- Completed Liara's quests.
- Was nice to Conrad.
- Spoke with the Rachni Asari.
- Helped Parasini again.
- Spoke with Fist
- Spoke with Helena.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :

- All members recruited.
- Kasumi kept the greybox data.
- Morinth dead.
- Garrus let Sidonius go.
- Kal 'Reegar survived Talis recruitment mission.
- Tali was not exiled.
- Convinced Mordin to keep the genophage cure.
- Indoctrinated the Geth instead of killing them on Legions loyalty.
- Saved the workers on Zaeeds loyalty mission. He is more paragon.
- Jacked was convinced to spare Aresh.
- Miranda stopped from killing Niket.
- Thanes son was not sent to prison and is working for Bailey.
- Killed the Thresher Maw with Grunt.
- (Overlord) David saved.
- (Arrival) Attempted to warn Batarians.

- Romanced Kelly. Note: this does not count as a real relationship, does not give the Paramour achievement.

Omega 4 Relay:
- Everyone loyal
- Every crew member saved.
- No one died.

Name Andrea Shepard
Date Added 2015-08-18 22:31:42
Gender / AlignmentFemale Paragon
Level / Class 100 Sentinel
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Kelly
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties None
DLCs Zaeed
Normandy Crash Site
Download Save File

- Is Kaidan or Ashley still alive? Kaidan dead, Ashley Alive
- Is Wrex alive? Wrex is alive
- Is the Council the original Council from ME1 or the Human-council? Original Council from ME1
- Is Anderson or Udina on the Council? Anderson

Quests: If you didn't do some of these quests, please note that they were not completed.
- Did you complete both of Liara's quests in Illum pre-Shadow Broker? No, I completely forgotten to! :(
- Did you help Conrad Verner so he opened the Shelter, or were mean to him so he died? (If he was there at all.) No, didn't complete
- Was the Rachini Queen's Asarai spokeswoman present on Illium (ie are the Rachini still alive)? Yes
- Did you do some, all or none of the N7 missions? Some
- In the N7: Lost Operative Quest did you keep the data, send it to the alliance or give it to The Illusive Man? I wasn't able to complete the N7: Lost Operative Quest, i was mainly focused on doing all the loyalty quests, sorry :(

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Did you recruit & keep all team members (Including Zaeed and Kasumi)? If not, who was never recruited, or left early? Recruited all team members, (Kasumi wasn't a downloaded DLC)
- (Kasumi Loyalty) Did you tell Kasumi to keep the greybox data or was it destroyed? Kasumi wasn't a downloaded DLC
- (Samara Loyalty) Did you kill Morinth or Samara? I accidently let Morinth get away, leaving Samara Unloyal.
- (Garrus Loyalty) Did Garrus kill Sidonus or let him go? Killed
- (Tali Recruitment) Did Kal'Reegar survive? Yes
- (Tali Loyalty) was Tali exiled from the Floatilla? No
- (Tali Loyalty) Did you encourage the Quarians to continue the war with the geth or consider cease fire? Considered Cease Fire
- (Mordin Loyalty) What did you do with the Genophage Cure? Kept the research
- (Legion Loyalty) Did you kill or indoctrinate the heretic Geth? Indoctrinated
- (Zaeed Loyalty) Did you save the hostages & encourage Zaeed to be more Paragon or let them die? Saved Hostages
- (Overlord) Did you release David or keep him hooked up? Didn't have DLC
- (Arrival) Did you attempt to warn the Batarians? Didn't have DLC
Omega 4 Relay:
- Did you NOT do someone's loyalty quest, yet they survived? If so, who? Samara
- Did all, some or none of your kidnapped Crew (Kelly, Gabby, Donnley etc.) survive the Omega 4 Relay? Please sum up who, if anyone lived/died. All of my crew survived because I did the quest ASAP

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