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Name Paul Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-15 17:28:13
Gender / AlignmentMale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Infiltrator
Background Earthborn / War Hero
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Major ME1 stuff:
- Rachnii killed
- Wrex lives
- Ashley died on Virmire
- Council saved
- Anderson is councilor
- Balak killed
- romanced Liara

ME2 stuff:
- Liara's quests done
- helped Conrad
- some N7 done, not all
- data keep to myself
- Kal'Reegar lives
- stay loyal to Liara

Loyalty missions:
- Jacob - father commited suicide
- Miranda - Niket killed by Miranda, talked to sister
- Jack - Aresh spared
- Zaeed - Vito killed
- Garrus - Harkin shot, Sidonis killed
- Tali - Kal'Reegar and Veetor did their job
- Mordin - Maelon lives, cure data erased
- Samara - Morinth killed
- Legion - heretics reprogrammed
- Kasumi - data saved
- Thane - Kolyat done social jobs
- Grunt - becoming Urdnot

Other stuff:
- Overlord - David sent to Academy
- Arrival - didn't warn the batarians
- the crew lives after suicide mission

Name Joshua Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-04 11:56:01
Gender / AlignmentMale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Major ME1 Stuff:
- Romance with Liara, stayed faithful
- Kaidan killed in Virmire
- Wrex is alive
- Original Council, saved them in ME1
- Anderson on the council
- Did not get the Talisman from the consort so was not able to get the story from the Prothean orb in ME1 if that makes a difference to anyone.

- Completed both Liara pre Shadow Broker's Lair , picked her assistant as the leak.
- Met Conrad in Illum, picked the Paragon answer and sent him home.
- Rachni are still alive, spoke to the asari speaker on Illum
- Completed all missions.
- Kept the data to myself.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Recruited and kept all members including Kasumi and Zaeed,
- Kasumi's graybox destroyed by Shepard.
- Killed Morinth, kept Samara.
- Killed Sidonis, Shot the other dude in the leg.
- Kal'Reegar survived
- Tali was not exiled from the Floatilla
- Encouraged the Quarians not to go to war with the Geth.
- Mordin kept a copy of the Genophage cure, killed his former assistant.
- Reprogrammed the Geth on the Legion loyalty mission.
- Saved the hostages on the Zaeed loyalty mission.
- David was released and taken to an alliance hospital on the Overlord mission.
- Attempted to warn the Batarians.

Omega 4 Relay:
- Did all the loyalty missions and had all the team survive.
- All crew members survived the suicide mission including Kelly.

Played a completionest in both games, did all main and sub quests.

Save uploaded by Roy Ram.

Name Lester Shepard
Date Added 2016-02-07 12:59:23
Gender / AlignmentMale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Vanguard
Background Colonist / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Miranda
DLCs Zaeed
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Played as mostly paragon, but one whose patience and idealsim has limits. ~90% paragon points, ~40% renegade points. Roleplayed some decisions I knew were sub-optimal.

ME 1:
Council saved
Convinced Saren to commit suicide
Anderson is the human counciler
Rachnai saved
Was nice to Conrad, but imported into ME 2 as being mean to him.
Wrex survived Virmire
Ashley died on Virmire
Captain Kirrhe died on Virmire, but some of his troops survived
Helped Helena Blake
All cerberus bases destroyed, data sold to shadow broker
All colonists and the asari on Feros saved. ExoGen rep killed.
All feros help quests completed.
ExoGen reps on that other planet killed.
Gave Tali the data on Geth evolution.
Helped Gianna nail Anoleis on Noveria.
Convinced biotic terrorists to release Chairman Burns.
Convinced Major Kyle to turn himself in.
Most sidequests completed, don't remember if it was all of them or not.
Romanced Liara

ME 2:
Cerberus data sent to Alliance
Collector base destroyed, told the Illusive Man shepherd was done with him afterward
Saved the Normandy's crew from the collectors.
Geth heretic station destroyed
I don't recall advising the Quarians one way or the other about their war with the Geth.
Told Conrad to get lost, heard he died trying to play hero.
Helped Feros colonists again on Illium.
Helped Gianna again on Illium.
Spoke with Rachnai envoy on Illium.
All major sidequests completed, including Arrival, Firewalker, and Lair of the Shadow Broker. Normandy Crash Site ignored.
Attempted to warn Batarian colonists during Arrival.
Stayed loyal to Liara, reaffirmed relationship after Lair of the Shadow Broker.

ME 2 Squadmates:
Jacob: Loyal. Father sent to prison.
Miranda: Died on collector base. Niket killed by eclipse mercenary. Talked to sister. Sided with Jack during their confrontation.
Jack: Loyal. Aresh Spared.
Zaeed: Loyal. Vito escaped, but convinced him to put the mission ahead of his personal issues.
Garrus: Loyal. Harkin shot, Sidonis killed.
Tali: Loyal. Kal'Reegar survived. Convinced Quarian admirals of Tali's loyalty without revealing her father's secrets. Convinced her and legion to set aside their hostilities during their confrontation.
Mordin: Died on collector base. Assistiant on Omega saved. Maelon killed, data destroyed.
Samara: Loyal. Morinth killed. She's good with Shepherd.
Legion: Loyal. Heretic station destroyed.
Thane: Loyal. Kolyat got community service.
Grunt: Never recruited. Wrex is the only Krogan Shepard trusts.
Kasumi: Never recruited. Don't have this DLC.

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