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Name Raiven Shepard
Date Added 2010-03-27 00:47:06
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Sentinel
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Jacob
DLCs (Unknown)
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Key ME 1 Plot Points:
- Did not cheat on Ashley (She survived Virimire, naturally)
- Wrex is still alive
- Council is still in its original state with Anderson on it

- Rachni are Still Alive
- Did Liara's missions, found the right spy
- Did several N7 missions, including the one where I chose to destroy the capital instead of the spaceport

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions:
- All Team Members recruited
- Samara killed, Morinth recruited
- Garrus killed Sidonus
- Kal'Reegar survived
- Tali did not get exiled, encouraged Quarians to go to war
- Destroyed the Genophage research with Mordin
- Killed the renegade Geth with Legion
- Let factory workers in Zaeed's loyalty mission die
- Miranda talked to her sister
- Jacob abandoned his father to die
- Encouraged Thane's son to work for C-sec off the books

Suicide Mission:
- Jacob and Jack were killed
- Extra crew members (Kelly, Doctor and such) all survived

Name Raven Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-27 20:30:30
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File

This is the continuation of my Mass Effect 1 character (also submitted), Raven. Due to the loss of my save files for the game during a botched backup and reinstall of Windows, I needed to recover my progress for Mass Effect 3. As a result the playthrough this save comes from was a nearly complete achievement run. My old save was imported, and the entire game with all DLC was completed on Insanity.

The sole achievement this playthrough did NOT unlock was Paramour. (I reloaded and got that after the run, just to have it again.) I chose not to unlock it because I wanted to stay faithful to Ashley. Despite being a badass, I'm loyal. ;)

This was a heavy Renegade run. (100% Renegade on the bar.)

Additional Details from ME2:

- I did not do Liara's pre Shadow-Broker quests, instead I (through whatever choice of dialogue, I have no clue) skipped them. Oops.
- I shot Conrad in the foot.
- The Rachini are alive.
- To the best of my knowledge I did every mission and assignment and optional side task in the game barring four. The two noted above for Liara, and the final two of the Blue Suns missions: MSV Strontium Mule and Blue Suns Base. (It would not be hard to finish off these last two missions if someone wanted to after the fact. But I seriously doubt they matter that much in ME3, and after the 50+ hours this playthrough took me, I'm feeling about done until ME3 is out next week.)
- In The Lost Operative I chose to keep the data for myself.

- I recruited all squad members, and I completed all loyalty missions.
- Kasumi's greybox was destroyed.
- I killed Morinth.
- Garrus shot Sidonis.
- Kel'Reegar died doing his duty.
- Tali was cleared during her trial through my use of intimidation.
- I cannot remember what I did with the Quarians regarding continuing to fight or seeking peace with the Geth. I tend to suspect I would have chosen to encourage conflict.
- The Genophage cure was destroyed.
- The Heretics were indoctrinated.
- The factory workers died, and so did Vido.
- David remained with the project.
- I did not warn the Batarians.

- All crew and squad mates survived the Suicide Mission.

Details from ME 1 (can also be found on under Mixed/Ashley as Raven):

- Max Paragon and Renegade (game considers this character to be Paragon despite more renegade decisions being taken than Paragon)
Completed most (including all known to affect ME2) assignments, but did not do the collections.
- All party members were recruited. Only one was lost.
Character has the "Rich" achievement flag and max money

- DLC: Finished Bring Down the Sky (Let Charn go, Killed Balak) and did not install Pinnacle Station (because it's a waste of five bucks)

- Talked to Harkin
- Killed Fist personally
- Forced Clerk Bosker to release Narali's body
- Resolved the Consort's dilemma (including the Elcor)
- Gave information from Fist to Wong
- Lied to Wong about planting the bug for her next story then forced her to pay up
- Shot the contact Chellick sent me to meet
- Cheated on Quasar machines for Schells
- Tracked down the rogue AI siphoning money
- Did not support Terra Firma
- Killed Chorban
- Scanned all the Keepers
- Intimidated Dr. Michel's blackmailer
- Gave fluid Renegade interview
- Helped Opold out with smuggling
- Intimidated Lorik into testifying against Anoleus
- Finished a Cure for the Scientists
- Spoke to Han Olar
- Cleared the Hot Labs before Benezia, forcing the guards to attack
- Let the Rachni Queen live
- Shot my "old earth buddy" Finch
- Allowed Jeong to live after threatening to put a hole in him
- Recovered the data from ExoGeni for the consultant
- Cleared Zhu's Hope without a single dead colonist (outside of Fai Dan)
- Spared the Asari (Shiala) after killing the Thorian
- Secured Wrex's armor
- Garrus is Renegade due to interaction in his personal mission
- Gave Tali copies of the Geth files
- Sold the Cerebus info to the Shadow Broker
- Rescued Chairmain Burns and criticized his performance
- Talked Lord Darius into a deal
- Saved all the drug addled scientists from the terrorists
- Talked Major Kyle into a peaceful surrender
- Fired the bullet for Corpral Toombs
- Assisted Helena Blake but Intimidated her into shutting down her operations
- Helped Nassana Dantius by killing her sister (Asari Diplomacy)
- Talked Wrex down on Virmire (via armor mission)
- Let the Asari scientist go
- Allowed Kirrahe and some of his men to survive the assault
- Saved Ashley (assigned with the Salarians)
- Set up Kaidan with the bomb
- Threatened Conrad
- Intimidated the addicted diplomat (Keeler) into going into rehab
- Intimidated Saren into killing himself
- Killed the Council
- Recommended Anderson for the Council (In Mass Effect 2 I confirmed Udina however, so he is actually on the council, see above. Stupid of them to ask IMO, but that's the way it went down.)

Credit for this goes to:
Corwynn Maelstrom

Name Vulcan Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-03 20:33:28
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Colonist / Ruthless
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
Major ME1 Stuff:
- Import of ME1, romanced and stayed faithful to Ashley
- Ashley is still alive
- Wrex is alive
- Human rule the Council
- Anderson is on the concil
- Completed all quest and took every Renegade option

Quests: All sidequest completed with renegade option
- Completed both of Liara's quest before Shadow Broker dlc
- Mean to Conrad so he died
- Rachini Queen's queen is dead.
- All N7 mission are complete
- N7: Lost Operative Quest: I kept the data

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- All possible and dlc character were recruited
- (Kasumi Loyalty) Destroyed graybox.
- (Samara Loyalty) Killed Morinth
- (Garrus Loyalty) Garrus kiledl Sidonus
- (Tali Recruitment) Kal'Reegar survived
- (Tali Loyalty) Tali was cleared of charges by Intimidation.
- (Tali Loyalty) Encourage the Quarians to continue the war with the geth.
- (Mordin Loyalty) Mordin's student was killed and the cure data was deleted
- (Legion Loyalty) Killed the heretic Geth
- (Zaeed Loyalty) Workers were left to die and Vido was killed
- (Overlord) David is still hooked up to the machine
- (Arrival) Call for the Normandy instead of warning Batarians

Omega 4 Relay:
- All loyalty mission done with renegade options and everybody survived
- All Normandy crew members survived.

Name Kermorvan Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-09 05:06:59
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
Major ME1 Stuff:
- This character was imported from Mass Effect 1
- Romanced Ashley in ME1, was completely faithful throughout ME2 (no flirting or one-night stand).
- Ashley survived Virmire
- Wrex survived & Wrex's armor was found.
- Human council, decision was "ignore the council, focus on Sovereign"
- Anderson was made councilor
- All side quests except the 4 Feros colony quests were done. Other Feros' quests were done (ie Collect the Data)
- Even though Feros colony quest's were not done, colony was still saved. Due to renegade option used on Ethan Jeong. Shiala was killed.
- All collection quests done (Data disc's, Insignia's, Minerals, Asari Writings & Signs of Battle)
- Renegade options used whenever possible, except for a few paragon options used. Notable paragon include mixing the cure for the injured patients on Noveria.
- Kirrahe survived Virmire assault.
- Rachni Queen was killed
- Considered "Rich" (has rich achievement), had max money and omni-gel at end of ME1.
- All party members recruited, all survived.

- ME1 DLC: Pinnacle Station not installed
- ME1 DLC: Bring Down the Sky installed - killed both Charn and Balak, hostages died.

Mass Effect 2 Quests:
- Liara's pre-Shadow Broker quests were done & correct agent was disclosed to Liara.
- Shot Conrad in the foot but helped him via renegade path. Conrad lived and opened charity.
- No Rachni agent as Queen killed in ME1.
- All N7 Missions completed.
- In N7 quest "Javelin Missiles Launched" the capital / residences were saved, the spaceport/industrial area was destroyed (people saved, colony evacuated)
- In the N7: Lost Operative Quest the data was sent to the Alliance.
- Renegade options used whenever possible.

Mass Effect 2 Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- All party members were recruited. No-one left the team.
- Kasumi is loyal - graybox was destroyed.
- Samara is loyal, Samara was saved (Morinth killed).
- Garrus is loyal, Sidonis was killed by Garrus.
- Kal'Reegar survived Tali's recruitment mission.
- Tali is loyal and was not exiled from the flotilla - intimidation option used to clear Tali's name.
- Quarian's were encouraged to go to war.
- Mordin loyal, Mordin's student killed by Mordin & genophage cure was destroyed.
- Legion loyal and heretics were destroyed.
- Zaeed is loyal, workers were left to burn & Vido died (Renegade path).
- Miranda is loyal and talked to sister.
- Jacob is loyal, father killed himself with pistol we provided.
- Thane loyal, son working for C-Sec off-the-record (renegade path)
- Spectre status renegade option used in Thane's loyalty mission and hostage killed by Shepard.
- (Overlord) David was left hooked up in care of his brother.
- (Arrival) Batarian's were not warned, called for Normandy instead.
- (Arrival) Rescued Kenson via covert action (stealth path)
- (Arrival) Survived 5 waves of guards
- (Arrival) Renegade interrupt used to shoot & kill Kenson.

Omega 4 Relay:
- All crew & team were loyal and all survived the mission.
- Tali was chosen as tech specialist, Garrus was used as second team leader both times, Mordin escorted crew back to Normandy and Samara was used as Biotic specialist vs Seeker Swarms
- All crew survived the kidnapping.

- Ended up with max renegade bar and around 30-35% paragon due to saving Samara, Legion and choosing the "must save the crew" options after they got kidnapped.
- Liara was invited aboard Normandy after Shadow Broker finished.
- All ship upgrades were done, except the Med-Bay.
- All weapon and team upgrades were completed.
- Has roughly 112K Element Zero and 300-400K of other resources.
- Garrus was pushed to be renegade in ME1 & 2
- Tali had not been given Geth data in ME1.
- Helped Finch in ME1 by intimidating Turian guard to release prisoner.
- Supported Terra Firma in ME1
- Forced Clerk Bosker to release Narali's body in ME1 (renegade intimidation option)
- Intimidated Saren in ME1 to kill himself.
- All armors purchased in ME2.
- Space Hampster was purchased.
- No fish were bought, except to complete Krogan Sushi quest, fish died.
- Patriach died in blaze-of-glory on Omega in ME2

Name David Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-20 07:59:58
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Colonist / War Hero
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
I imported a ME1 game save whose author was named Richard. I used the ME 2 game editor to change his name, the number of mineral supply( I didn't like scanning every single planet, for element zero and other mineral supply).

This is a completionist, NG+ playthrough. All N7 missions, sidequests and DLC are complete. but the galaxy isn't fully explored.

Was pretty Renegade, but chose a couple of Paragon interrupts. Still have very low Paragon and completely full Renegade. Helped everyone I could in the most paragon way possible.

Mass effect one:
Wrex was still alive and leader of the his clan
I met Ashley on Horizon.
Original Council is alive.
Anderson is on the Council.

Recritement/Loyalty missions:
Recruited every ones and did every loyalty mission, including Kasumi and Zaeed
Thane: Shepard kills the hostage, Talid.
Kasumi: destroys the graybox
Samara: chooses Morinth over Samara.
with Legion, destroys the heretic geth.
Tali: saves Kal'Reegar, and on the Flotilla, Shepard convinced the Admirality board to fight with the geth and retake the homeworld.(didn't present the evidence of Tali's father)Tali was not exiled.
Jack: kills Aresh in the Cerberus facility.
Jacob: leaves his father, Ronald, with a half-charged pistol, thus allowing him to kill himself rather than face the crazed crew.
Mordin: kills Maelon, and saves the data to help the krogan cure the Genophage.
Miranda: kills Niket, and is convinced to meet Oriana and her family.
Garrus: kills Sidonis.
Zaeed: kills Vido Santiago and leaves the refinery personnel to die.

Omega relay:
Successfully completed all the loyalty missions before going into the Omega 4 relay.
All the crew survived, including Dr. Chakwas and Kelly.

David was given to his brother and Project Overload continued.
Didn't attempt to warn the Batarians before the mass relay exploded, contacted the Normandy.

N7 mission:
Saved the data for ourselves during the Missing Operatives mission.
Saved the colony on the Javelin Missiles Launched mission.

Other Notable Quests:
Killed crime bosses including Helena Blake
Told Conrad to buzz off, which resulted in him not showing up in ME2 (odd, probably a bug)
encountered and talked with the Rachni Queen spokesman on Illium
helped a colonist on Zhu's Hope with a medical contract for the colonists on Zhu's Hope.
Convinced Patriarch to make a last stand with the krogan mercs sent to kill himand die while doing so.

Name John Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-25 13:44:34
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Ashley
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Samara
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
- Ashley alive.
- Wrex dead.
- Human-council.
- Udina on the council.
- Romanced Asley still faithfull.
- Rachni Queen dead
- Mean to Verner (No Verner in ME2)
- Bring down the sky. Killed the hostages and killed leader.

- Did both Liara's quests in Illum pre-Shadow Broker.
- Conrad not here.
- Rachni queen dead.
- All N7 missions completed.
- In the N7: Lost Operative Quest i kept data for myself.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Recruit all team members (Including Zaeed, Kasumi)Also Legion.
- (Kasumi Loyalty) Grey box destroyed.
- (Samara Loyalty) Killed Samara.
- (Garrus Loyalty) Killed Sidonis.
- (Tali Recruitment) Did the renegade option with Kal'Reegar. But he survived.
- (Tali Loyalty) Tali not exiled..
- (Tali Loyalty) Encouraged the war with the Geth.
- (Mordin Loyalty) Destroyed data Genophaged cure.
- (Legion Loyalty) Killed Geth.
- (Zaeed Loyalty) Let hostages die.
- (Overlord)Did not release him.
- (Arrival) Contact Joker. No warning to the Batarians.

Omega 4 Relay:
All team members alive.
The whole crew dead including Dr.Chakwas.

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