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Name Jon Shepard
Date Added 2010-03-27 13:23:45
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties None
DLCs (Unknown)
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100% completion, maxed out Renegade Shepard.
Default Shepard face.
Picked all Renegade conversation choices and quick time interrupts.
Imported from ME1.

Completionist ME1 save: level 60 Adept with all side quests complete.
Did not cheat on Liara romance from ME1.
Chose Kaidan to survive on Virmire.
Wrex is alive.
Persuaded Garrus to be Renegade in ME1.
Sacrificed original Council in ME1. Human Council in ME2.
Anderson is on the Council.
Refused Council's offer to reinstate Spectre status.

Both of Liara's quests on Illium complete.
Was mean to Conrad Verner again.
Killed the Rachni in ME1.
All N7 missions complete; galaxy fully explored.

All team members recruited. (excluding Kasumi, who wasn't released yet at time of completion)
(Samara Loyalty) Killed Samara; Morinth joined team instead.
(Garrus Loyalty) Let Garrus kill Sidonis.
(Tali Recruitment) Kal'Reegar survived Haestrom.
(Tali Loyalty) Tali was not exiled; encouraged quarians to continue the war.
(Mordin Loyalty) Killed Maelon, convinced Mordin to erase the cure data.
(Legion Loyalty) Chose to kill all heretic geth on the station.
(Zaeed Loyalty) Let hostages die; Vido dead.
(Miranda Loyalty) Let Miranda kill Niket.
(Jacob Loyalty) Convinced Captain Taylor to kill himself.
(Jack Loyalty) Persuaded Jack to kill Aresh in the Teltin facility.
(Grunt Loyalty) Killed the thresher maw.
(Thane Loyalty) Shepard killed Joram Talid; Bailey employed Kolyat.

Jack & Miranda argument: Passed first Renegade check.
Legion & Tali argument: Passed first Renegade check.

All loyalty quests completed; all squad members loyal.
Every single member of the crew survived the suicide mission, including non squadmates.

Picked Legion to be the specialist in the vents, Miranda led the second team.
Picked Morinth to be the biotic specialist, Miranda led the second team.
Sent Zaeed back to the Normandy with the non combatant crew members.
Picked Garrus and Mordin for Shepard's team throughout suicide mission.

Did not use any DLC armor.
Some DLC weapons used.
Firewalker mission pack fully completed.

DLC installed at time of completion:
Collectors' Weapon and Armor
Terminus Weapon and Armor
Blood Dragon Armor
Zaeed - The Price of Revenge (Cerberus Network)
Cerberus Weapon and Armor (Cerberus Network)
Normandy Crash Site (Cerberus Network)
Cerberus Arc Projector (Cerberus Network)
Firewalker Pack (Cerberus Network)

Name Niko Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-08 19:14:19
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Engineer
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
First of all, I borrowed the name and "face code" from the "Niko Shepard" that somebody submitted to so that's where his looks came from.

ME1 Stuff:
- Romanced Liara
As to whether I cheated on her or not, had the "Renegade sex scene" with Jack, but the game doesn't count that as a romance since afterwards Jack "doesn't want to play" so I technically didn't cheat on Liara (though Liara DID have an outburst about it during Lair of the Shadow Broker, but I rekindled the romantic relationship there so Liara fans don't worry, Liara and Niko Shepard are good to go for ME3)

- Kaidan still alive to meet on Horizon; Ashley was sacrificed on Virmire
- Wrex is dead (killed by Shepard, not by Ashley)
- Human Council; sacrificed the alien Council to focus on Sovereign
- Udina on the Council
- Did both UNC Hades Dogs and UNC Cerberus quests
- Got asari consort's trinket and used it on the planet Eletania
- Intimidated blackmailer into leaving
- Intimidated the recruiter into returning Nirali Bhatia's body
- Met Finch without killing him
- Killed Chorban (but scanned all 21 keepers anyway)
- Gave Emily Wong data she needed
- Spoke to Harkin
- Persuaded Ethan Jeong not to do away with colony
- Killed Shiala and colonists
- Betrayed Gianna Parisini
- Killed Nassana's sister
- Intimidated biotic extremists into surrendering and sparing Chairman Burns
- Killed Helena Blake
- Captain Kirrahe was killed
- Killed Rana Thanoptis

ME2 Quests:
- Saved Daniel's life by Intimidating batarians and then killing them anyway (Mordin agreed with this decision, Daniel was vocally opposed)
- In Javelin Missiles launched mission, chose to save spaceport instead of the residential district
- Convinced slave broker to purchase the quarian
- Convinced asari to break up with krogan boyfriend
- Did not complete both of Liara's quests because I gave her Cerberus' hot tip about the Shadow Broker first to begin Lair of the Shadow Broker, rendering the quests unnecessary
- Conrad Verner showed up on Illium; I had the weapons merchant lie to Conrad about doing a good job then lied to Conrad about feeling bad for him using Intimidate so he'd leave
- Rachni are dead, so Asari spokesperson not present on Illium
- Did all the N7 missions
- Kept Lost Operative's data (did not send it to either Alliance or Illusive Man)

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Got all team members including Zaeed and Kasumi
- Destroyed Kasumi's greybox
- Killed Samara, kept Morinth
- Let Garrus kill Sidonis
- Kal'Reegar was killed by the Colossus
- Tali was not exiled by the Flotilla because Niko Shepard exonerated her with a Renegade speech calling the admirals out on their selfishness
- Encouraged the quarians to go to war with the geth so they could retake their homeworld
- Mordin killed Maelon
- Destroyed Maelon's genophage cure data
- Destroyed heretic geth instead of indoctrinating them
- Let hostages die so Zaeed could kill Vido Santiago
- Kept David hooked up to Project Overlord
- Did not attempt to warn the batarians, tried to contact Joker instead before Kenson cut Niko off

Omega 4 Relay:
- Did all loyalty quests
- All Cerberus crew successfully rescued because I went into the Omega 4 Relay right after they got kidnapped (Lilith the colonist got processed instead of Kelly for instance)

Name John Shepard
Date Added 2012-02-19 22:11:30
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Infiltrator
Background Colonist / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
NOTE: this user uploaded a .rar of all of his saves for the character. Rename the file to ME.rar and open with winRAR or 7-Zip or your favorite file extraction program.

-Loyal to Liara throughout ME1 & ME2. Full completion of Shadow Broker questline and re-kindling of romance during ME2.

-Kaidan survived, Ashley was killed.
-Wrex is living.
-The Council was destroyed.
-Anderson is on The Council.

- All Liara quests completed.
- Conrad Vernor fell to his death in 2.
- Rachni spared; communicated with vessel on Illium.
- All N7 missions complete.
- N7: Lost Operative Quest the data was kept personally. Not transmitted to the Alliance nor Cerberus.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Zaeed & Kasumi both present and loyal, along with complete loyalty of remaining squad.
- Shepherd destroyed Kasumi's greybox.
- Samara was killed, Morinth replaced her.
- Garrus killed Sidonis.
- Kal'Reegar survived.
- Tali was exonerated of all charges.
- Suggested continued war with Geth.
- Maelon was killed & cure destroyed.
- Heretic Geth were indoctrinated.
- Zaeed's mission hostages were killed.
- Overlord: David was taken away via Normandy.
- Arrival: Batarian colonies were NOT warned.

Omega 4 Relay:
- All loyalties completed.
- Every member of the Normandy surives. Zero casualties.

Name Anthony Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-10 13:02:49
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
You can find Tony's ME1 save under Renegade > Liara on the ME1 saves site.

Tony has the default male Shepard face. Used only intimidate options when they popped up. Used nearly all renegade interrupts, and maybe one or two paragon (example: hugging the grieving mother during Samara's loyalty mission).

Major ME1 Stuff:
- Romanced Liara in ME1, stayed loyal in ME2.
- Ashley is alive.
- Wrex killed.
- Human council.
- Udina on council.

- Completed Liara's Illium quests.
- Asked Conrad WTF he was doing there, used renegade options to resolve the situation and convinced him he helped out. He later opened a shelter.
- Rachni queen was killed, so there was no spokesperson on Illium.
- Completed all N7 missions, and all Illium, Omega, Citadel, and Tuchanka sidequests.
- Sent the N7: Lost Operative data to the Alliance.

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions / DLC :
- Recruited all squad members, including Kasumi and Zaeed.
- (Jack Loyalty) Convinced her to kill Aresh.
- (Grunt Loyalty) Grunt joined Urdnot and we defeated the thresher maw.
- (Jacob Loyalty) Left his father's punishment to the people he'd wronged.
- (Miranda Loyalty) Let Miranda kill Niket, convinced her to talk with her sister.
- (Thane Loyalty) Killed Talid, used intimidate options to get Kolyat "employed" by Bailey.
- (Kasumi Loyalty) I've forgotten if I let Kasumi keep the greybox data or not. I'm going to assume he made her destroy it.
- (Samara Loyalty) Chose Morinth, killed Samara.
- (Garrus Loyalty) Garrus killed Sidonis.
- (Tali Recruitment) Kal'Reegar somehow survived. I guess I killed the Colossus quick enough that it didn't kill him.
- (Tali Loyalty) Tali was exiled, but her father's treason wasn't revealed. Encouraged the war with the geth.
- (Mordin Loyalty) Destroyed the genophage cure. Let Mordin kill Maelon.
- (Legion Loyalty) Killed the heretic geth.
- (Zaeed Loyalty) Went after Vido, let the workers die.
- (Overlord) Released David and sent him to Grissom Academy.
- (Arrival) Did not attempt to warn the batarians.

Omega 4 Relay:
- All squad mates survived.
- Entire Normandy crew survived.

Name Max Shepard
Date Added 2012-05-15 06:02:17
Gender / AlignmentMale Renegade
Level / Class 30 Soldier
Background Earthborn / Ruthless
Romanced Liara
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Kasumi
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
Renegade, with a small amount of unavoidable Paragon points.

This save is designed to get the best possible War Asset points in ME3 without having to sacrifice Wrex in ME1.

- Completed all sidequests.
- Ashley survived Virmire.
- Wrex is alive.
- Spared the Council. Anderson is appointed.
- Spared the Rachni Queen
- Took the Renegade conversation route, but did not punch Khalisah al-Jailani.
- Zhu's Hope rescued, and Shiala is alive.
- Took the Renegade path with Conrad.

- Nearly add the upgrades obtained.
- Minerals enough to give you 100 War Asset points in ME3 (tested it myself).
- All squad members loyal and survived the suicide mission.
- All crew members survived the suicide mission.
- Recruited Samara instead of Morinth.
- Morinth's Dominate skill is unlocked, however (killed Samara, then reloaded to last save point and killed Morinth instead).
- Garrus killed Sidonis.
- Miranda did not talk to her sister.
- Jack killed Arresh.
- Tali was not exiled.
- Kal-Reegar survived.
- Veetor went insane.
- Encouraged the Quarians to go to war with the Geths.
- Rewrote the Geth heretics.
- Kasumi destroyed the grey box.
- Let the workers die in Zaeed's quest.
- Maelon's data saved.
- David Archer sent to Grissom Academy in Overlord.
- Never warned the Batarians in Arrival.
- Completed Project Firewalker and Lair of the Shadow Broker.
- Kelly Chambers feed the fish.
- All pets and spacecraft models bought.

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